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The Buddhist Diet--Recap

For a first diet, this week really took it out of me.

I followed the vegetarian aspect, the no alcohol, and the meditation portions to the letter.  Unfortunately, my discipline level isn't high enough and the smoking and caffeine areas got me into trouble.  I did cut back on smoking, which is something that I am happy about.  That much closer to quitting.

With any diet, this one would only work with a great deal of portion control and awareness to produce any immediate results.  For the longterm weightloss goals that set a healthy body up for success, this diet is a keeper.  For short term immediate results, you had better look elsewhere.  The Buddhist Diet isn't to be taken lightly as its symbolism rests deep in the Buddha's teachings.  I would like to stress that The Buddhist Diet isn't just for the followers of Buddha.  It can be for any faith or denomination and really brings about a spiritual trek through everyday life.

The diet as a whole would be a great experience to embark on for a long period of time.  With the spiritual, wholesome elements of fine-tuning your body like a classic hotrod engine gives the diet a real lifestyle element.  It places a great symbolism on what you eat, how its prepared, and exactly what you're doing to your body.  Not only the diet should be taken seriously, however, so practice a good exercise routine as well to ensure that you are seeing your body's full potential.

My rating:
8 Scales out of 10

Final weighin: 203 lbs.   The weightloss I can attribute to my exercising this week and not funneling kegs of beer down my throat.

NEXT WEEK starts The Fat Flush Plan.  Can you say 1100 calories a day?  I can.  For 6 days.  BRING IT ON!


Katherine says:
at: January 22, 2010 at 12:36 PM said...

omg krystal... let me know how that one works, i wanna do it too!!! or maybe i'll just google it. :P love you!