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Fat Flush Plan--Recap

This particular diet was pretty difficult. 

Not being able to devote as much time as necessary to the diet is most likely why I had such a negative experience.  I felt hungry all the time as well as tired.  It left me moody and exhausted.   While this may have more to do with the low-caloric intake than with the actual long term diet regiment I still felt particularly at odds with the diet.

Not being able to indulge in the foods that I enjoy the most (breads, pastas, condiments, coffee...) proved to be very trying for me.  I stuck to the diet for the most part and gained a bit of knowledge, in terms of supplements and wouldn't mind continuing that process into the future.

Dieting isn't easy and this week really snapped me back to that reality.  The Buddhist Diet (food consumption-wise) was easier for me to commit to as I have been vegetarian before.  This last week was a reality check for the harder weeks to come.

I started the Fat Flush Plan at 203 lbs.  I am now 199.5.

Tomorrow starts The Chocolate Diet.  Bring it on!