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McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss

McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss
A 10-day plant-based program that sheds pounds.
The McDougall Program was created by Dr. John A. McDougall, an author, physician and health advocate. The McDougall Program, also called the McDougall Diet, is a well-respected, 10-day vegan-based program that shuns meat, dairy and processed foods in an effort to promote weight loss and reverse the effects of weight-related diseases.
To experience the genuine program, a 10-day stay at Dr. McDougall's Health and Medical Center in Santa Rosa, California is suggested, but for those who can't experience the program first-hand, there is small library of books written by Dr. McDougall himself in addition to instructional DVDs and videos.
• Well-respected plant-based lifestyle program
• Variety of different media to follow the program
• Vegetarian diets can help to reduce disease risk when followed correctly
• Vegetarian- and vegan-friendly
• Author is a respected medical doctor
• Help prevent or treat many diseases and conditions
• Vegetarian and vegan-based plan may not appeal to some
The McDougall program promotes a vegetarian and vegan based eating plan that is low in fat and high in starches. With an emphasis on fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and some protein sources like tofu, nuts and seeds, the McDougall Program's primary intentions are to help you lose weight and reduce your reliance on medication to manage your weight-related health condition.
At the McDougall Center, not only will you eat prepared plant-based meals every day but you will also learn how to shop wisely at the grocery store and dine out responsibly. In addition, many of the McDougall publications feature recipes and meal plans for you to follow.
Participating every day in exercise that you enjoy doing, whether it's playing tennis, swimming or dancing, regular fitness is strongly encouraged while following the McDougall Program.
With a residential center in northern California and more than a dozen publications describing the McDougall program, there are a variety of ways that you can experience this vegetarian and vegan approach to weight loss and disease-free living.
With a 10-day course that teaches you how to eat, prepare and shop for healthy meals that may keep you out of the doctor's office, the McDougall Program is a highly-respected and result-worthy plan.